Customs & Compliance

Customs & Compliance

INTRAL’s regulatory compliance services team is led by our in-house Trade Counsel and compliance expert.  Drawing on our experience in operations as well as compliance; the INTRAL team works  with our client’s general counsel, sales, international customer service, and purchasing and distribution departments.  We help our clients better cope with the aggressive regulatory, investigative and prosecutorial efforts of the U.S. Government agencies and regulatory bodies.

INTRAL offers a variety of regulatory compliance services that are designed and packaged individually for your unique company’s needs:

Compliance Assessment

A review of existing procedures including any formal compliance programs, as well as sample transactions, to identify possible instances of non-compliance or areas for improvement.

Compliance Manuals/Standard Operating Procedures

An inclusive formal document addressing the full spectrum of laws affecting cross-border movement of products and/or services.

Compliance Training

Education of current and new employees, as well as contractors, on both compliance policy and daily implementation.

One-off and On-going Compliance Consulting, including:

  • Classification of Commerce Controlled and Munitions List items;
  • Tariff classification and valuation for imports;
  • License requirement determination for U.S. exports based on product classification, end users and destination;
  • Assistance with DOC and DOS licensing applications and license records maintenance;
  • Guidance in understanding Free Trade Agreements and their potential benefits;
  • Assistance determining import/export document requirements of foreign countries;
  • Periodic inspections of documents, procedures and completed files;
  • Analysis and responses to compliance questions;
  • Assistance in understanding and complying with anti-boycott and anti-bribery regulations;
  • Assistance in understanding and implementing U.S. Census reporting under the mandatory AES regulations.
  • Establishment of a formal, centralized compliance program;
  • Jurisdiction determination (DOC, DOS, all other U.S. Government agencies);

Outsourced Compliance Resources

  • Onsite or Off-site compliance resources to assist you with any of your compliance operations as defined above, including documentation, classification and license applications. Partial or entire compliance outsourcing solutions are available.

As a veteran user and provider of logistics services, INTRAL is uniquely positioned to improve the international trade process.  The combination of legal expertise and hands-on logistics experience offers organizations a broader and deeper perspective over consultancies that specialize in one or the other.   And INTRAL’s logistics specialists help companies implement the compliance measures recommended by its trade counsel.  Each INTRAL client gets the best of both worlds – legal and logistics – from an organization focused on all aspects of global trade management.

“Understanding compliance from an operations point of view, and not just the legal perspective, sets INTRAL apart from other trade compliance resources.  The INTRAL team knows both the demands of international logistics and the law, enabling us to easily incorporate their recommendations to streamline our export business.”

–  Computer Component Manufacturer

INTRAL’s regulatory compliance training is intense, but it’s done at a level that everyone can understand. It was relief not to be bombarded with ‘legalese.’ INTRAL showed us that there’s a common-sense approach to what we have to do and why we have to do it.

–  International Distributor of Consumer Products

Since 1987, INTRAL has been a provider of international trade and logistics management services.

Over the years INTRAL has continued our tradition by providing innovative and cutting edge supply chain management, transportation and sourcing services. Today, businesses of all sizes depend on INTRAL’s distinctive professional services and proprietary technology to manage their international supply chains; from purchasing, global sourcing, order processing, 4PL & 3PL, freight forwarding, warehousing and shipment tracking, to customer service and regulatory compliance. Let our expertise become part of your operation.