Order Management

Order Management

Timely purchases made at optimal prices improve the efficiency of a company’s inventory management, reduce requisition costs, and directly impact the company’s ability to keep their customers satisfied.  Understanding the importance of these factors, INTRAL is able to act seamlessly, managing all our clients’ orders from receipt, to implementation, to billing.

INTRAL manages our customers’ purchase orders to and from international locations worldwide.  As a successful 3PL/4PL company, INTRAL acts as an extension of our clients’ supply chain and procurement divisions.  INTRAL’s order management services provide real time end-to-end visibility of an order and its components.  Additionally, these services are scalable and enable customer-specific processing capabilities.   Leveraging our proprietary Trade Management System (TMS), INTRAL can fluently work within existing Business Support Systems (BSS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) infrastructures.

INTRAL is uniquely posed to manage your ordering process, by directly receiving orders via EDI feeds and handling all the process that follow. Resulting in the eliminating of costly internal resources focused on mundane processing.  Utilizing INTRAL’s order fulfillment solution ensures that orders are clean and accurate, resulting in fewer downstream billing errors.  Further, our solution integrates order management with sales, inventory and accounting modules, providing increased visibility across your organization.

INTRAL’s order management services include:

  • Order receipt and processing
  • Order modification and cancellation support
  • Pricing and Tax/VAT management
  • Inventory and product management
  • Order release and fulfillment
  • Ship individual orders and/or in batch orders
  • Invoice creation
  • Country-specific customs documents creation
  • Payment and accounts receivable management
  • Order analytics
    • Provides management dashboards and reporting of order history, delays, profitability and other KPI metrics.

INTRAL’s order management solutions provide increased order management visibility and access which allows our customers the ability to analyze, manage and operate with greater efficiency while keeping internal resource requirements at a minimum.

Since 1987, INTRAL has been a provider of international trade and logistics management services.

Over the years INTRAL has continued our tradition by providing innovative and cutting edge supply chain management, transportation and sourcing services. Today, businesses of all sizes depend on INTRAL’s distinctive professional services and proprietary technology to manage their international supply chains; from purchasing, global sourcing, order processing, 4PL & 3PL, freight forwarding, warehousing and shipment tracking, to customer service and regulatory compliance. Let our expertise become part of your operation.