Global Sourcing – Procurement & Distribution

Global Sourcing – Procurement & Distribution

INTRAL Global Trade (IGT) supplies international customers with a diverse range of commodities including machinery, spare parts and raw materials at competitive prices.  We provide a unique and specialized combination of procurement capabilities, financing, and international logistics experience to provide customers with seamless, risk eliminating, and cost-saving service.  Whether a client wants to continue an established relationship with required suppliers, or is open to utilizing new or multiple vendors, INTRAL is capable of becoming a one-stop-shop to find, source and ship products, even to the most difficult customs clearance locations.

INTRAL has found that many U.S. manufacturers and distributors do not want to deal with the financial risks and delays of being paid by an overseas customer, nor are they equipped to handle the complex export and import process involved with foreign transactions.  Therefore, many foreign buyers struggle to find distributors willing to tackle the complexities of exporting to foreign markets that may have been branded as difficult.  IGT’s services have been developed in direct response to meeting this immediate demand.  IGT consistently delivers double digit savings to all of our global customers.

IGT global distribution services provide U.S. vendors with risk-free transactions for business they otherwise would not receive or accept from a foreign customer.  Utilizing INTRAL to distribute products internationally allows them to focus on the core of their business, while reaching new customers across the globe.

IGT global procurement services, assist foreign locations in need of a reliable distributor that cannot only provide goods, but also has the understanding of how to best handle the process to ensure the seamless transportation and entry of the goods into their local foreign market. By acting as a company’s single point of contact for sourcing commodities outside of their country, IGT reduces internal labor costs and improves efficiencies, ultimately providing bottom-line savings.

In addition to the complexities of the import clearance process, many foreign manufacturing facilities require their distributor to modify and adjust to internal administrative processes that require flexibility in the handling of financial, payment, sourcing, documentation and other requirements.  INTRAL is uniquely poised to modify our offerings, including where we source from and how we handle processes, to meet each customer’s and importing country’s unique demands.

Clients can rely on INTRAL for all their sourcing needs.  Our one-stop-shop service ensures operational efficiencies and resource reduction, resulting in bottom-line savings.  In cases where a company may have difficulties dealing with US or foreign vendors due to communication issues, payment terms, shipping or documentation requirements; IGT is the solution.

Since 1987, INTRAL has been a provider of international trade and logistics management services.

Over the years INTRAL has continued our tradition by providing innovative and cutting edge supply chain management, transportation and sourcing services. Today, businesses of all sizes depend on INTRAL’s distinctive professional services and proprietary technology to manage their international supply chains; from purchasing, global sourcing, order processing, 4PL & 3PL, freight forwarding, warehousing and shipment tracking, to customer service and regulatory compliance. Let our expertise become part of your operation.