INTRAL Services – 3PL & 4PL

INTRAL Services – 3PL & 4PL

In 1987, INTRAL effectively pioneered the 3PL/4PL revolution.   Since our inception we have offered our clients independent, non-asset based services to manage their logistics, transportation, and supply chain operations; allowing them to focus on their core business.

Third party logistics providers (3PL) typically specialize in the integration of operation, warehousing and transportation services.  Often, these services go beyond logistics and include value-add services related to production, procurement or other supply chain efficiencies that cross over into the realm of fourth party logistics provider (4PL) offerings.

A 4PL is an independent, singularly accountable, non-asset based integrator of a client’s supply and demand chains.  It is important that this fourth-party logistics provider be non-asset based, as far as logistics, transportation and supply chain management assets are concerned, to avoid any conflict of interest.

As a 4PL INTRAL can provide all the functions of a 3PL (procurement, storage and distribution and processes for each) as well as outsourced financial, customer service and computer systems to support our client’s unique and growing operations.

INTRAL’s approach is that integrators assemble resources and leverage our expertise to design, develop and manage comprehensive transportation services with a focus on enhancing our clients’ supply chain. We offer complete supply chain solutions including, but not limited to, the management of other 3PLs, warehouses, truckers, forwarders, brokers and agents.  INTRAL provides simplified management, visibility and control to the supply chain process, by acting as a single point of contact for specified operations, such as freight quotes, payment, auditing, tracking, reporting, customer service and issue resolution.

As the industry continues to evolve; so does INTRAL.   We strive to leverage our ability and expertise to complement our customers’ current operations by increasing supply chain visibility, reducing risk, improving processes and providing bottom-line cost savings.   By offering customized and scalable solutions, our clients can optimize their logistics and supply chain demands based on current market conditions as well as unique industry requirements.

Since 1987, INTRAL has been a provider of international trade and logistics management services.

Over the years INTRAL has continued our tradition by providing innovative and cutting edge supply chain management, transportation and sourcing services. Today, businesses of all sizes depend on INTRAL’s distinctive professional services and proprietary technology to manage their international supply chains; from purchasing, global sourcing, order processing, 4PL & 3PL, freight forwarding, warehousing and shipment tracking, to customer service and regulatory compliance. Let our expertise become part of your operation.