Import and Export

Import and Export

Since its founding, INTRAL has specialized in international trade and every aspect relating to the importing and exporting of goods.  From source to fulfillment we provide end-to-end capabilities and have handled all aspects of the import and export process.  INTRAL proactively supports our customers through dedicated, multi-lingual, customer-service teams.  Our innovative and customized international trade management systems are designed to handle the complexity of global transactions while providing visibility to all relevant parties, no matter where they sit.

We are experts at shipping to and from any location, including but not limited to; US, Canada, Mexico, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Chile, UAE and all across Europe, as well as, the more difficult locations such as Brazil, India, Russia, Venezuela and Saudi Arabia.  No matter where you import or export, INTRAL has an offering that can assist you.  Let INTRAL’s experience and knowledge bring value to your import or export operation.

INTRALs services include:

  • Financing
  • Freight Payment
  • Staging, Consolidating and Warehousing
  • Packaging and Labeling
  • Documentation
  • Customs Clearance and Duty related activities
  • Compliance (link to Compliance)
  • Freight Forwarding and Transportation (link to Freight Forwarding)
  • Consulting (link to Consulting)
  • Global Sourcing (link to Global Sourcing)

Since 1987, INTRAL has been a provider of international trade and logistics management services.

Over the years INTRAL has continued our tradition by providing innovative and cutting edge supply chain management, transportation and sourcing services. Today, businesses of all sizes depend on INTRAL’s distinctive professional services and proprietary technology to manage their international supply chains; from purchasing, global sourcing, order processing, 4PL & 3PL, freight forwarding, warehousing and shipment tracking, to customer service and regulatory compliance. Let our expertise become part of your operation.