Responsible Sourcing Policy for Our Suppliers and Partners


The Responsible Sourcing Policy outlines the standards expected of INTRAL’s suppliers. Our suppliers and partners constitute an important relationship, based on mutual benefit and shared commitment to service customers with excellence. As part of our commitment to the UN Global Compact Principles, we seek to do business with partners that share our high standards when it comes to integrity, human rights, and environmental sustainability. In order to be able to work with INTRAL, all our suppliers must support the respect for human rights as defined by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Associated Covenants and the International Labor Organization (ILO) Declaration on the Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. 

INTRAL strives to improve the lives in our community by bringing about positive and sustainable changes, and we are inviting our business partners to do the same. INTRAL aims to create end to end supply chains with complete traceability so that we can continuously assess risks and improve practices together. Our suppliers are encouraged to implement systems and controls to promote compliance with applicable laws and the codes set forth in this policy, including their own guidelines, training, monitoring, and auditing mechanisms. We ask our suppliers to also communicate and apply these or similar principles to their subcontractors and suppliers.  

Suppliers must adhere to this Responsible Sourcing Policy while conducting business with or on behalf of INTRAL. 

The following Code of Conduct sets forth the basic principles for supplier conduct:  


INTRAL supports and respects the protection of internationally proclaimed Human Rights providing all employees fair compensation and benefits, the right to rest and recuperate, and safe and healthy working conditions and we expect our suppliers to uphold the same standards. All suppliers are required to ensure fair working conditions and must provide equal opportunity in the workplace. All suppliers must comply with the employment and labor laws in every country in which they operate, inclusive of the following principles: 

•We will not employ individuals who are under 15 years of age or the lawful age of employment   

•INTRAL is dedicated to ensuring all its employees earn a fair living wage. At a minimum, we comply with all wage and compensation requirements as defined under applicable local laws and regulations, including those relating to minimum wages and legally mandated benefits. Our expectations are to have everyone in our supply chain earn a fair living wage.  

•We will not exceed maximum hours of work defined by applicable law and will appropriately compensate overtime.  

•We will not use forced labor, including prison, bonded or debt labor. Employment must be voluntarily and freely chosen. 

•We respect the ability of team members to exercise their lawful right of free association. 

•We respect the lawful rights of our team members to choose (or not choose) bargaining representation.  

•We will provide a health and safe working environment 

•All employees are treated with dignity and respect. 

Harassment & Non-Discrimination  

INTRAL has a zero-tolerance policy for intolerance. INTRAL does not tolerate any form of harassment or discrimination based on any characteristic protected by applicable law. We employ qualified persons and prohibit discrimination relating to, but not limited to, race, color, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, political affiliation, trade union membership, disability, nationality, social origin, marital status, pregnancy, dependents, age, or any other protected group status as defined by and subject to applicable local laws. Suppliers must commit to a workforce and workplace free of harassment and discrimination. 

Grievance Procedures for Employees 

Suppliers must provide procedures for employees to bring workplace concerns to the attention of management for appropriate resolution. Grievance procedures provided must be accessible, culturally appropriate and include the option to report anonymously, where possible. All forms of retaliation against workers for bringing a workplace concern are strictly prohibited and workers must be provided with fair and confidential resolutions within a reasonable time frame. Suppliers must provide training on these grievance procedures. 


INTRAL is committed to embracing environmental sustainability goals promoting the protection of our environment in all business operations and with our suppliers and partners.  Our suppliers must comply with all applicable environmental laws, rules, and regulations. We believe the health of our planet relies on a collaborative approach across our supply chain. To honor our commitment to reducing our organization’s environmental footprint while maintaining economic growth, INTRAL would like to invite our suppliers to join us in working towards the following environmental objectives: 

  1. Greenhouse gas emissions reduction  
  2. Protection of natural resources  
  3. Waste elimination in operations  
  4. Embedding sustainability in corporate culture  
  5. Protecting and promoting land rights for all global communities, including indigenous peoples. 

The UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) serves as a guide to INTRAL and our suppliers in protecting and improving the health of the planet. We strive to effectively manage our environmental performance and rely upon our suppliers to abide and work collectively towards these 17 sustainable development goals. 


INTRAL abides by a high standard of business ethics and relies on each supplier and business partner to be honest and comply with all U.S. and International laws applicable to INTRAL’s business, inclusive of those related to international trade. We encourage a pro-active and transparent approach to adhering to these laws and count on our suppliers to work together with us to support this commitment to integrity.                              

 INTRAL expects its suppliers to conduct business responsibly by maintaining awareness and abiding by all applicable laws and regulations of the countries of their operation, while adhering to the following principles: 


Suppliers must disclose any actual or potential conflicts of interest due to either personal or business relationships with anyone, including but not limited to suppliers, business associates, competitors of INTRAL or INTRAL employees.  


INTRAL complies with all U.S. and International laws, especially those related to international trade and fair competition. INTRAL expects its suppliers and business partners to comply with the applicable antitrust laws and competition laws of all countries in which they operate to promote free and fair competition. INTRAL prohibits anti-competitive or unfair or deceptive trade practices including illegal agreements with competitors, customers, suppliers, and other business associates.  


Suppliers are responsible for complying with anti-bribery laws, inclusive of the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the U.K. Bribery Act, as well as any applicable local anticorruption laws. INTRAL strictly prohibits corrupt or illegal practices inclusive of payments or receipts of bribes or kickbacks, indirectly or directly, from government officials, customers, or other third-party organizations. Under no circumstances may a supplier acting on behalf of INTRAL provide anything of value directly or indirectly to a government official, or to any person or entity in the private or commercial sector, if the payment is intended to induce the recipient to misuse their position to obtain or retain an unfair business advantage or personal benefit.  


INTRAL’s policy generally prohibits receiving gifts, entertainment, or other gratuities from people with whom INTRAL does business.  Gifts, meals, entertainment, hospitality, or trips that lack a legitimate business purpose may be viewed as bribes or may create an appearance of a conflict of interest. Suppliers or their partners are prohibited from giving gifts or entertainment to INTRAL employees with the intent to inappropriately influence their business decisions or gain an unfair advantage. 


Our suppliers must be honest in all their business operations, obeying all International and U.S. applicable laws and regulations governing fraud, anti-corruption, anti-money laundering and insider trading. INTRAL prohibits money laundering, corruption, or insider trading as well as any activity that facilitates money laundering, the funding of terrorism or other criminal activities.  INTRAL will not accept any funds or make any payments that appear to be derived from illegal activities. Suppliers must ensure all confidential information derived from business with INTRAL is not used to engage in or support insider trading. 


We require all suppliers to respect the confidential information of our competitors. Suppliers will handle competitor’s information legitimately and in compliance with all applicable laws and should not share confidential competitor information with INTRAL.    


Suppliers must ensure all business transactions with INTRAL are transparently performed and accurately recorded.  Business records are to be created, retained, and disposed of in full compliance with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements. 


Suppliers must take all reasonable and necessary precautions to safeguard INTRAL and its customer’s confidential and proprietary information. Suppliers will protect INTRAL’s confidential information and act to prevent its misuse, theft, fraud, or improper disclosure. Suppliers must take all due care in handling, discussing, or transmitting sensitive or confidential information that could affect INTRAL, its employees, its customers, the business community, or the public.  Suppliers are required to protect all personal information on INTRAL’s employees or individual customers in accordance with relevant privacy laws and regulations. 

Suppliers will protect confidential information and comply with all privacy rules and regulations inclusive of the following: 

  • Comply with the intellectual property ownership rights of Intral and its customers 
  • Follow all local privacy and data protection laws and protect data by building secure products  
  • Use software, hardware, and content only in accordance with their associated licenses or usage terms. 

Reporting Violations and Non-Retaliation 

Suppliers are required to report if they witness or suspect conduct that is conflicting with INTRAL’s Responsible Sourcing Policy or the law, without fear of retaliation. Suppliers are encouraged to communicate with their INTRAL contact by phone, email, or mail or online:   

Report a Concern: 

Online:Go to

Postal Mail: Send letter to Director of Compliance at Intral 1900 Crown Colony Rd #407, Quincy, MA 02169 

All reporting submitted will be treated confidentially and anonymously, where permitted by law.  

INTRAL will investigate any breaches and will work with supplier to identify remedial solutions, when required. 

INTRAL reserves the right to assess and monitor suppliers’ compliance with this Code. Suppliers who are not in compliance with this Code will be expected to implement corrective actions. 

The purpose of this document is to help suppliers understand what is expected when working with Intral. We understand that suppliers may not all be able to demonstrate their alignment with the RSP immediately. Our approach is one of continuous improvement, and suppliers can use this document as a guide to develop their own Code of Conduct and RSP 

INTRAL reserves the right to amend or modify this Responsible Sourcing Policy 

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